Aviation is normally associated with travel to distant corners of the world. It is true that air machines play a very important role in communication, but are also used in sports.
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Among air sports, a discipline arousing the strongest emotions is air acrobatics. Aerobatic flight is performed in a strictly defined area, which has the shape of a cube with a base of 1000 m. It's a great spectacle, which always attracts a wide range of observers.

During aerobatics, engine works almost all the time at full speed. This allows airplanes to do figures in a relatively small radius, while their speed is 300 - 400 km/h. During the competition, the first stage is to present the qualification program. This program is published well in advance, so you can train its execution. Weaker players and pilots who fly extremely dangerous are eliminated.

The next stage is a free program, so each participant presents what he/she can. The more difficult program, the more points they get. There are elements that must be included in the program. They are also awarded penalty points, for example, for exceeding the area designated for aerobatics. The last phase of struggles are unknown programs. Each team puts forward one figure, while the judges make figure bunches of them. Then each player draws the program and must execute it. This is a huge challenge for less experienced pilots.

Aerobatics can be individual or group. Group acrobatics performs the whole team. This is possible only if all pilots mastered the skill of individual acrobatics very well. At the head of the team flies leads.