Aviation is normally associated with travel to distant corners of the world. It is true that air machines play a very important role in communication, but are also used in sports.
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Air sports includes, among others, gliding, which in the simplest way can be explained as flying gliders. Such airplanes are maintained in the air by the force, which is produced when the air flow around the aircraft.

The name "glider" does not say too much about this type of aircraft. So it should be clarified what the glider is. Formerly, such aircrafts were built entirely of wood, mainly because of the large availability of the material and the construction speed, and also due to the ease of repairs. Later, there were laminate structures, much stronger and lighter, enabling faster and further flights.

It does not change the fact, that numerous training centers still use old machines, especially during the first stage of training. How fast, how far and how long you can fly a glider? It depends on its design and model, but this type of aircraft can fly at speeds up to 350 km/h. A flight may take several hours, while the distance covered by the glider is up to 2,000 km. Of course, flight time may be limited because of the aviation rules, pilot's skill and his well-being, as well as atmospheric conditions. You should also take into account the climatic zone, time of year and terrain.

Gliding is gaining popularity. For many people fly this plane is the fulfillment of childhood dreams. It is impossible to deny that the glider provides wonderful and unforgettable emotions.