Aviation is normally associated with travel to distant corners of the world. It is true that air machines play a very important role in communication, but are also used in sports.
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The history and mission of the German Aero Club

The huge popularity of air sports caused that in all countries were established aviation centers and clubs of enthusiasts of this unique sport. In Germany, one of the most important of these organizations is the German Aero Club.

The German Aero Club is an institution bringing together people for whom aviation is a passion, it provides the opportunity of development and fulfillment. The creators of Aero Club are people who combines a passion for aviation and extensive knowledge and a huge experience in the sport.

Aero Club founders are convinced that air passion may play an important role in shaping the character of young people, giving them the opportunity to experience unique emotions, learning a composure and sportsmanship. The institution was founded in 1990, so soon after the fall of the Berlin Wall. This is not a random event, because the creators of the German Aero Club wanted the new organization to strengthen the unity of the former East and West Germany.

The German Aero Club sets its objectives and programs of action alone. The main objectives are to promote knowledge of aviation sports and popularize them, organization of competitions, and ensuring the rules of fair competition.

A member of the German Aero Club can be every adult person, regardless of nationality. The organization is politically and religiously neutral. The only condition that must meet each new member of the club is to accept and comply with regulations contained in the rules.