Aviation is normally associated with travel to distant corners of the world. It is true that air machines play a very important role in communication, but are also used in sports.
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Skydiving is a sport that consists in carrying jumps out of a plane with a parachute, which allows you to land safely on the ground. Depending on the discipline, various aspects, such as precision landing, or perform acrobatics in free fall, are the subject of evaluation.

Skydiving is a sport that has had a short history, but it gained immense popularity quickly. Parachute jumps are practiced in almost all countries. With time, the principles of sportsmanship in the sport have been refined in order to adapt them to the possibility of jumpers, who gained greater skills and experience in skydiving, and at the same time gained access to improved parachutes. The difficulty level has been raised, and new rules for the evaluation have been introduced.

There are several parachute sports. We can mention, for example, acrobatics, Para-Ski (combination of parachuting and skiing), formations in a free fall and artistic disciplines. Popular are also all-round events, where parachuting competitions are only components. Skydiving provides great excitement, therefore, lots of people who decide to practice it, do not intend to do it professionally, but just for having fun.

Jump with a parachute can almost everyone, because the list of contraindications to practice parachuting, especially for tandem jumps, is quite short. There are, among others, back problems, bone fragility, and weight of over 120 kg, which makes it impossible to jump in tandem.